Introductory Speech Comments & Declamation Speeches

I emailed everyone comments on their Introductory Speeches.  I also let you know how many (+) grades your peers gave you.  Everyone got a few (+) grades all the way up to 14-15 (+) grades.  Well done everyone.  Everything else was basically a check-mark grade.  See participation scale for more details.

Special kudos go out to folks who got named for having the ‘best speech in class.’  I will announce those in class tomorrow (like a mini-Academy-Awards for best Introductory Speech!)

Try to have your Declamation Speech chosen by Friday-ish this week. Or at least be narrowing it down to a few choices.  You will need to send me a link to the speech as well as a transcript (as either a Word or Google document).  EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T CHOSEN YET, email me by Friday so I know where you are at.

Keep working on “To Be or Not To Be” – we will be reciting those for a grade next week in class.   Those of you with a flair for the dramatic are more than welcome to accentuate your performance with music, special effects, costumes, etc.