Annotated Bibliographies:Annotated Bib Major and Career Friday, 12/06, printed and uploaded to D2L (100 pts)

Presentations on Annotated Bibliographies: 12/09-12/12 (read through and annotate your bibliography and be ready to speak about it to the class) (100 pts)

Personal Statement Prompts from Scholarships: choose one of these to adapt as a 150-300 word statement for scholarship, job, or military applications. Due Friday, 12/13, upload to D2L (100 pts)

Final Reflection: Friday, 12/13, printed & handed in to Borger and uploaded to D2L (100 pts)

Final Exam Period: Film viewing, eating, and celebrating the end of the semester.

Essay 1 & 2 Revisions

Good Afternoon!
  1. Kudos to folks who submitted revisions on Essay 1 & Essay 2 in D2L! They have been re-graded and comments are posted in your Dropbox folders (also accessible via the grade tab at the top of the page).
  2. *Womp Womp* Sad Trombone for all who meant  to revise but didn’t get it done by the deadline. Revisions ARE the extra credit in this class and revision deadlines are hard and fixed. No reopening folders. You had plenty of time in class the past few weeks to get them done.
  3. Double-check that D2L grades are consistent in TeacherEase. I do make mistakes, people.
  4. Also, check grades for recent weeks as well.
    • Week 14 = MBTI score and emailing me a word count for your journals at that point.
    • Week 15 = Emailing me an entry from your annotated bibliography
    • When I say to email me something, you should.
    • It’s not just a “friendly suggestion;” it actually counts toward your homework grades.
  5. Upcoming Work: 
    • Annotated bibs are due this coming Friday, 12/06 (100 pts). 
    • We will be presenting on them the following week for an additional 100 points.
    • 12/02-12/05 we will be working on Essay 3: The Personal Statement (100 points), so annotated bib work will become homework then.
    • Journals will be due 12/20 for your Final Exam (100 pts) – 15+ weeks’ worth of entries
    • Some of you are forgetting to compose journals each week too. Only one person got the extra credit for week 16 which is embedded in your journal prompt for the week.
  6. Folks sitting at a “C” or lower at this point: consider talking with Mrs. Ryker about getting into regular English 4 next semester.  We have 500+ points in so far and about 400-500 more points to come in over the next 3 weeks. English 102 moves even faster than 101. You have to have a “C” or better to advance to 102, and even then, you might just not be ready.
    • College courses are tough for a reason.
    • If you have done your job the whole time, it shouldn’t be difficult.
    • If you haven’t done your job, the struggles are real.
    • There are no last minute miracles in college classes – just the payoff of being gritty and doing the work.
    • Hang in there folks.

Week 16: Addendum

Howdy Folks:

I asked you all to send me a sample annotated bib entry or to share your document with me for homework points last week. I have compiled a large annotated bib based on the entries folks sent (some of you forgot…like 1/2 of you forgot….ergo low homework points for that week).

Use this Annotated Bibliography Sample document to view all the cool careers folks are exploring.

  • I  put entries in alphabetical order based on either author’s last name or the first word of the title.
  • I also formatted entries to have a hanging indent (Google it – it’s easy to format).
  • I also took out hyperlinks (click on hyperlink, then click “remove hyperlink” so text is no longer underlined or blue).
  • Don’t forget tiny details like page numbers (make sure the font matches the rest of your document) and watch spacing.

Note that on page four, the bottom margin is really large: this is because the final citation on page five didn’t fit in full. But note the top of page four where the previous entry overflows onto the page. Tiny details are the difference between an “A” and a “B” or a “C” and a “D.”

These are due December 6th. Almost 1/2 dozen of you have already uploaded. Good on ya’!

(Don’t forget you DO have a journal entry for Week 16 – this is your final exam…don’t forget to add weeks between submissions!)

Week 16: 11/25-11/26 (THEN T’GIVING BREAK!)

Monday & Tuesday: Continue working on existing assignments. Feel free to use this post as a legitimate excuse from getting out of awkward family situations during break by showing a parental-unit the following assignment links:

Week 15: 11/18-11/22

Monday: Go over Annotated Bibliography assignment I gave you last week. Everyone will make a citation for the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook for their first citation. Assign 4-5 other sources for topics on future majors / careers.

Citations: You can use Easybib, but they make you watch A LOT of commercials AND you have to go back and add info anyway (access date isn’t auto-generated). Doing it manually is almost as fast.

Use this PDF on how to use Easybib.

Use this PDF for making your citations manually.

Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name (if given). “Title of Page / Article.” Title of Website, Company / Organization Responsible for Content (if applicable), Date Content was Published, URL, Date YOU ACCESSED Content. 

Don’t worry about hanging indents – we will learn about those in a future post. You can click here for a video though if you want to do it as you go. Hashtag: Borger hates Google Docs. Hashtag: You’re gonna’ need to know how to use Word in college and at work

Tuesday – Thursday: Work on annotated bibliography; look up information on scholarships at prospective colleges; work on revisions of essays 1 & 2 due during T’giving break

Friday: Meta-reflective journal

Throne of Blood

Folks can come and watch Throne of Blood after school this week. It is a famous Japanese version of Macbeth from the 1950’s.

It’s 2 hours, so she’ll be showing it in 2 parts: first part on Tuesday & second part on Wednesday. She knows your schedules are tight and transportation struggles are real. But help each other out. Come for part or all of it if you can & bring friends!

Sign up outside her door so she knows how much food to buy. (Yeah, there’ll be food, bruh!) Share with folks in other English IV classes who’ve been studying Macbeth. Borger is posting this on Twitter: @mamaborg1 , so you can share that way too. #mamaborg

Throne of Blood

Week 14: 11/12-11/15


Originally I had a personal statement essay draft due Monday, 11/11. Disregard any notifications about that.

Macbeth Analysis grades are posted. I left comments in D2L; check those for grade justification. Just because you “worked hard” on it doesn’t mean you will get an “A.” But, you can conference with Borger to revise for a higher grade or use her comments in D2L to guide you. Lots of good stuff in your papers, but also still a lot of errors present. A few of you uploaded old drafts vs. final copies. ALWAYS PROOF READ BEFORE SUBMITTING! 

I will re-open the submission folder for folks to upload revisions once we return to class. But you can start working now and I can communicate with you via email on this cold and snowy day. Alexis Mc., Adrian C., and Brianna T. had some of the strongest analysis essays.

Macbeth Playlists are also graded. Those can be revised as well. Maggie C’s song list essay was probably one of the strongest as was Emily H’s., and Dean & Lane’s. Gaje & Brycen’s was pretty strong too and followed a different format.  I will post samples for folks to see in the content area shortly (once some of these folks give me permission to share their work). In the meantime, ask peers for peeks if you want to see good samples to follow.

For Wednesday 11/13, come to class with a “professional-ish” email  and storage cloud separate from your JCHS-2020 email. This needs to be external so you can actually use it once you leave high school.

P.S. if there’s anything you want from your JCHS-GOOGLE drive, you should start porting it over. They permanently delete all your data when you graduate. Some work can be useful in college.

Wednesday: Take MBTI Personality Test. We will talk about career options, start looking at the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook. You will also start research for an annotated bibliography assignment (essay 4) while simultaneously composing your personal statement (essay 3).  Bookmark any sites you use to find info on careers – you can use those in your annotated bib (essay 4).

Thursday: Bring MBTI scores to class. BOTH of them. We will journal on week 14 Thursday, 11/14.

Friday & beyond: Personal Statement (essay 3) & Annotated Bibliography (essay 4) & revisions of Macbeth Analysis (essay 1) & Macbeth Playlist (essay 2) #welcometocollege!

Week 13: 11/03-11/08


  • All late and extension-granted essays are due today. Turn something into D2L by the end of the day for credit: SOME POINTS ARE ALWAYS BETTER THAN NO POINTS!
  • Work on Macbeth playlist paragraphs. Due in D2L tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/04. EACH PERSON IN THE GROUP MUST UPLOAD A COPY FOR FULL CREDIT. ALL GROUP MEMBERS’ NAMES MUST BE ON ALL COPIES.


  • Play-lists need to be uploaded to D2L.
  • ACTUALLY LOGIN TO D2L! Some of you haven’t logged in since October 11-16!!
  • Check Midterm Grade!
  • Email Borger: THIS ASSIGNMENT IS POSTED IN D2L – you have to login to get it.

Wednesday: Personal Statement Idea Rotation


  • GUEST SPEAKER! Kim Little from SIU will be here to talk about applying for scholarships specific to colleges you’re applying to.
  • Hopefully most of you applied to SIU during their free application period. If not, make sure you’ve done that to see what kind of financial aid SIU can offer you.
  • You can sign up for one-on-one time with Kim after 6th hour.
  • 2nd hour students: get passes from me to come down 6th hour – she won’t be here until 12:30. If you can’t see her, email me and I’ll make a personal connection.


  • JALC SITE VISIT – Lesley Brower
  • Meta-reflective journal for week 13 – include revised word-count beneath the date on page 1.
  • Remember, this is your final exam for the course and will be worth 100 points. You won’t upload for a few more weeks. NOT doing it will negatively affect your grade in here. 
  • Take personality test on your phone.
  • Start personal dossier Tuesday. Have a non-JCHS email you can use and document cloud to work with (like Google Drive).

Week 12: 10/28-11/01

Drafts of Macbeth Literary Analysis  essays are due in class by Tuesday, 10/29. Follow MLA format (double-space, name info in upper left corner, page numbers, title, etc.).

Final drafts are due in D2L by Thursday, 10/31/19.  Save as a PDF and upload by 11:30 pm that evening. If you need an extension, email Borger before the assignment due date for an extension, per our syllabus. Late essays will be docked 10% per each day late – including weekends. Essays are only accepted via D2L. 

Friday: Meta-reflection for week 12: Reflect on your Macbeth Literary Analysis paper process & work on Essay 2: Macbeth  playlist. Reflection is good to do right after you submit since everything will be fresh in your mind. 

Monday, November 4th, bring in a 5 paragraph reflection of your Playlist for Macbeth.

Come up with a 5-song playlist and explain why you chose those 5 songs to represent the play. Write a paragraph for each song and include some of the lyrics / descriptions of the music and connect it to the text. This might parallel / shadow your Macbeth Literary Analysis essay – pull quotes from it and match up to songs. You can also do 1 song per act, 1 song per character, etc. This can be collaborative writing assignment. 2 people per essay = same grade for both. We’ll work on works-cited pages based on your song choices.

In celebration of SIUC’s 150th birthday, the undergraduate application is FREE through November 1, 2019.

Students can apply at and enter the code, FREEAPP, before submitting their application to get the $40.00 application fee waived.

On November, 7th, Kim Little will be here from SIU to help us apply for scholarships. Applying to SIU doesn’t mean you have to go there – BUT, it’ll give you backdoor access to scholarship opportunities. You can do this at EVERY college you apply to. Scholarship awards might help you decide which college to attend.

If you don’t apply to SIU, we can use JALC’s scholarship database for an example too.

Extra Credit (which Borger hates)

After high school, parents can’t and shouldn’t advocate for you – you should advocate for you.

Come talk with Borger about your grade, your papers, how things are going in general, scholarships, etc. This will emulate office hours you’ll have in college or supervisory evaluation meetings on the job or in the military.

For extra credit, you can sign up and attend your own one-on-one conference with Borger during Parent Teacher Conferences next week: Monday 10/28 & Tuesday 10/29.

There will be alternative times before and after school next week as well.

Worth up to 10 points extra credit on overall homework grade or 3 free days on attendance grades (3 absences will be wiped out on your overall attendance grade)